Tailored Training

From Office 365 training programmes to improving collaboration across devices.

Tailored Training

We specialise in the design and delivery of tailored training to improve performance with Microsoft software.

From Office 365 training programmes for all staff to bespoke sessions for teams or departments, we deliver targeted training to achieve immediate and long term benefits. 

We give your staff the skills they need to save time and money, improve communication, enhance quality and increase productivity.

Microsoft Office Training for All Staff

Schedule Microsoft Office Core Skills Courses for all staff to attend and increase skill levels across your company.

Find out more about our Core Skills Courses in Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word.

Moving Towards the Digital Workplace

Learn how Office 365 can be used to work together and share information online.

Learn skills to collaborate with colleagues and communicate with clients across multiple devices.

We Meet any Training Need

We can shape training to meet any training need, adopting suitable methods for individuals, departments or all staff.

We tailor training to give your staff the skills they need.

Examples of Tailored Training

Below are a few examples of how we have tailored training for our clients.

MS Office Training Programme for 150 staff; Excel, Outlook, Word and PowerPoint

Over 150 Virgin Trains staff attended a Microsoft Office Core Skills training programme which was delivered in York, Edinburgh and London.

The aim of the training was to increase the overall confidence, knowledge, ability and speed of staff with the core Microsoft Office applications; Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word across the company. 

Over 40 Core Skills Courses were delivered for all staff and various tailored courses were designed to meet the needs of specific teams. 


All staff gave a score of 5/5 when asked if the training was good and worthwhile.

A fabulous course, with an excellent and extensive range of tools/skills which will be incredibly valuable to me, and clearly has the potential for significant efficiencies to be made across the business too. Superbly delivered, easy to understand and an engaging session. Thank you!

Very informative course. I learned a lot of new skills to make my job easier as time is so precious in my role, would recommend to Excel users!

Excellent! The course was delivered in a professional and down to earth manner that was easy to understand. I’d happily recommend the course to others.

MS Office Annual Training Programme for All Staff Across the UK

Over 100 staff at the Carbon Trust have attended Excel and PowerPoint Core Skills Courses since 2016.

Training was scheduled on request and attendance was always high but staff outside of London often struggled to attend due to the relatively short notice when a course was scheduled.

We worked closely with HR to develop a proactive approach to MS Office training, whereby courses are scheduled up to 14 months in advance, allowing all staff across the UK to plan ahead and attend training as part of their professional development plan.

Core Skills courses are now scheduled for each quarter in London, focusing on all MS Office software including Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word.


To date 99% of all staff have given a score of 5/5 when asked if the training was good and worthwhile.

Very useful training sessions delivered by an excellent trainer. Well-structured, focused, and interactive. Much better than other external Excel classes I have attended in the past. 

It was an excellent session, very well delivered. I thought the ‘hands-on’ approach to training was really effective and gave me lots of useful information to take away. Was surprised that I would enjoy 6 hours of Excel training, but I did! Just a shame I didn’t do this 10 years ago. Would recommend this course to anyone who uses Excel on a regular basis. 

I really like the way in which the course is taught, specifically that Chris does not show us anything on a screen himself. This forces you to learn while doing, which for me is the most useful way to learn new Excel skills. He also makes it interesting through his character, which I can appreciate is a difficult thing to do. 

Staff Grouped by Skill Levels: Microsoft Excel

Excel Core Skills Courses are frequently delivered at Galliard Homes. In 2017, all 6 of the Excel courses were scheduled over a 4 day period with over 60 staff keen on attending.

To be sure the training was pitched at the right level, all staff were asked to complete a brief online Excel Experience form. As a result, we were able to group staff by their current knowledge and experience with Excel.

Confident users were grouped together, allowing more advanced topics to be covered while staff who had less experience with Excel focused on learning essential skills and increasing overall speed and confidence.

All staff felt comfortable within their allocated group and learned appropriate skills.


Every member of staff gave a score of 5/5 when asked if they learned a lot of useful skills which can be applied at work.

Chris Steele is excellent! He has a great way of teaching with a great sense of humour. Will look forward to attending one of his courses again in the near future. 

Chris was amazing in delivering the course and made me feel very welcome. 

I enjoyed the course so much I booked a one-to-one session! I look forward to attending further training courses in the future.  

PowerPoint:  Creating Engaging Presentations

We have delivered Excel, Word and PowerPoint training at Cushman and Wakefield since 2016 with over 200 staff attending Core Skills Courses and bespoke sessions in London, Leeds and Glasgow.

A team of 12 wanted to enhance the quality of their PowerPoint presentations, with emphasis on the improved use of graphics and images.

After assessing skill levels within the team and reviewing current presentations, a 9 hour training session (delivered over 2 days) was designed and delivered, focusing on good design practice and working with a variety of media including images, graphics and video to create engaging presentations.

As a direct result of the training, the team were able to design templates for future presentations without the need to use external designers.

Management saw a tangible improvement in the quality of the team’s presentations and feedback was extremely positive, with everyone giving a score of 5/5 when asked if the training was effective.


I think the trainer had a really effective way of teaching by keeping the attendees engaged. I found both courses very useful and would definitely like to attend further training in the future. 

The approach to the teaching was very hands on and we were able to follow. Chris was very helpful in that if we didn’t hear or missed something he would stand beside us and assist step by step. He was very patient.

Chris was an excellent trainerHe was able to help all of us when we were stuck and not delay the running time of the course  

Upgrade to MS Office 365

We have delivered Excel training at CBW since 2015, scheduling Core Skills Courses and tailored sessions for various departments with over 100 staff attending.

After management made the decision to upgrade from Office 2013 to Office 365, we liaised with various staff to design and deliver a tailored programme of short presentations to make all staff aware of the new tools and collaboration features within Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word.

The presentations combined with online support helped to ensure a smooth transition to Office 365 with minimal impact on the day-to-day running of the company.


I found Chris to be very approachable and I didn’t feel ill at ease to ask questions, which I have experienced when attending other training. Many thanks. 

Chris made you feel relaxed, didn’t mind repeating himself and showed a lot of patience. 

Skype for Business: Team Collaboration

Two London Borough of Havering teams were to be split and re-located across 4 locations. The aim of the training was to help both teams continue communicating and collaborating using Skype for Business. 

After working closely with various stakeholders involved in the project, the content, structure and schedule for the training was agreed. 

Dummy scenarios allowed the trainees to practice various skills until they were confident, whether it be sharing screens when collaborating on reports or scheduling online meetings. 

The training proved to be effective and facilitated a smooth transition to the new team structure. All staff gave an overall score of 5/5 when asked if the training was good and worthwhile.

More Training Options

From one-to-one sessions to delivering training for new starters, we can tailor training to suit any need.

One on One

Individually Tailored

One-to-one training focuses on the training needs of an individual and learning skills specific to their role.

A one-to-one training day can be dedicated to one individual or split between a number of staff who require one-to-one training. 

One-to-one training can also be combined with group training sessions.

New Employees

New Employee sessions focus on teaching new staff essential MS Office skills to increase confidence and productivity with the software they will frequently use from the outset.

New Starter sessions are often incorporated within our clients’ staff induction programmes.

Mac Training

We deliver training on all devices including Macs, iPads and tablets.

Office 365 Upgrade

MS Office 365 Upgrade training is designed and delivered for clients who are upgrading to the latest version of MS Office.

Staff are taught how to make the most out of new tools with emphasis placed upon a smooth transition.

Core Skills Courses

We deliver a wide range of Core Skills courses for all levels which focus on learning the fundamental and advanced skills that staff need to gain the most from MS Office software.

Core Skills Courses focus on giving your staff the necessary skills to save time and money, improve communication, enhance quality and increase productivity with Microsoft Software.

Find out more about our Core Skills Courses

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What our clients say

Chris encourages an open, informal session which appeals to my style of learning.

He somehow structures training which suits a range of people’s experience, and manages to stop this impacting on others with different levels of experience.

Steven Rudland
Virgin Trains

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