Microsoft Excel

From the essentials to automating spreadsheets, our Excel courses teach you everything you need to know
Microsoft Excel


Excel plays an important role in business yet the majority of users are self-taught meaning Excel is often used ineffectively and time is frequently wasted. During our Excel courses you will learn what can be achieved with Excel to perform simple and advanced calculations, analyse data and present information with ease.

From performing essential everyday skills as quickly as possible to automating spreadsheets with macros and VBA, our Excel courses teach you everything you need to know about Excel.

3 Hour Sessions

The majority of our Excel courses are 3 hours long, allowing 2 courses to be delivered during a training day.

20 Staff per Session

Our training method allows up to 20 staff to attend each session, with no negative effect upon the impact of training, meaning up to 40 staff can attend over one day.

On Demand or Plan Ahead

Courses can be scheduled when required or a programme of courses can be scheduled up to one year in advance, allowing staff to plan ahead and attend training as part of their professional development programme.

Microsoft Excel

Level 1 Excel Courses

For anyone who is self-taught

Our Level 1 Excel courses focus on learning the fundamental skills that every Excel user should hold. From keyboard shortcuts to creating effective spreadsheets and analysing long lists of data, our Level 1 courses are for anyone who is self-taught in Excel.

Excel Essentials

3 hours

Learn how to be more productive with Excel and practice over 50 simple and effective skills which can be applied whenever you are working with spreadsheets.

Focusing on increasing confidence, speed and efficiency, learn how to build a typical spreadsheet and develop your Excel skills to save time, edit content, improve presentation of your spreadsheets, write formulas to perform calculations, use basic functions and more.

View the Course Outline (PDF)

Introduction to Data Analysis

3 hours

Learn how to analyse large lists of data with Excel and produce valuable information for business decisions.

Develop your Excel skills to structure lists of data correctly, sort lists in order, filter records to find data, highlight records that meet criteria, create eye catching charts to display trends, work with tables of data, create PivotTables and more.

View the Course Outline (PDF)
Microsoft Excel

Level 2 Excel Courses

Our Level 2 Excel courses focus on learning how to work with a variety of functions in Excel and taking your data analysis skills to the next level to produce useful information for business decisions.

Advanced Formulas and Functions

3 hours

Learn how to use some of the more powerful formulas and functions within Excel to perform calculations, automate tasks and enhance spreadsheets.

Develop your Excel skills to save time, name cells to simplify formulas, use LOOKUP functions, ask questions of data with IF statements, calculate values based on criteria, combine functions, link content and more.

View the Course Outline (PDF)

Advanced Data Analysis

3 hours

Improve your Excel skills and learn how to use advanced tools and techniques to perform in-depth data analysis.

Develop your Excel skills to organise and clean data for effective analysis, gain more from Tables, use database functions, apply data validation, group and summarise data, enhance PivotTables and more.

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Microsoft Excel

Level 3 Excel Courses

Our Level 3 Excel courses bring together a wide range of advanced Excel skills to automate spreadsheets and design and build interactive spreadsheets which can be adopted by you and your colleagues.

Creating Interactive Dashboards

6 hours

Learn how to create interactive dashboards and visual reports to help users gain the most from Excel.

Focusing on a wide range of tools and techniques to simplify tasks, manage data and create eye-catching reports to present information, this course will bring together various skills learned during our other Excel courses such as PivotTables, working with charts and creating macros.

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Macros and Introduction to VBA

6 hours

Learn how to automate a wide range of tasks with Macros and gain an understanding of what can be achieved with VBA to extend the capability of Excel.

Learn how to record and run macros, use the VBA editor, edit VBA script, write simple VBA script, work with objects and variables, write VBA script for data management and utilise message boxes.

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Excel VBA Programming

We deliver tailored Excel VBA programming courses, from beginner to power user. We will identify your training requirements before delivering VBA training to meet your needs.

Trainees said...

Just a shame I didn’t do this 10 years ago!

It was an excellent session, very well delivered. I thought the ‘hands-on’ approach to training was really effective and gave me lots of useful information to take away.

I would recommend this course to anyone who uses Excel on a regular basis.

The Carbon Trust
Poppy Potter

Very useful training sessions delivered by an excellent trainer. Well-structured, focused, and interactive.
Much better than other external Excel classes I have attended in the past.

The Carbon Trust

Excellent session. It was tailored to our exact needs and experience level. Will definitely be recommending!

Sony Mobile
Gloria Dei

We can Recommend Suitable Courses

Complete a brief online Excel Experience form to indicate current knowledge and we will suggest suitable Core Skills Courses. We don’t ask what you would like to learn as you don’t know what you don’t know.

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We cover more than just the topics in our Core Skills courses. Choose from our extensive list of Excel topics and tailor the content to suit your staff.

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Tailored Excel Training

We specialise in the design and delivery of tailored training to improve performance with Microsoft Excel.

From bespoke sessions for teams or departments to planning Excel training programmes for all staff.

We deliver targeted training to achieve immediate and long term benefits. 

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