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We are highly innovative and people focused  

We adopt a strategic and positive approach to training  

We have a talent for engaging and using suitable training delivery methods  

We have a proven track record of delivering high quality training  

At IQ-IT, we aim to make every training session engaging and enjoyable. No two sessions are ever the same.

We deliver interactive training in a proven style which allows trainees to influence the content and structure of each session without any negative impact on learning. We only teach skills which are relevant and useful to those attending.

We do not demonstrate skills and ask trainees to follow as we don’t believe that is effective. Instead, trainees focus on their screen while the trainer talks them through the application of each skill and encourages them to identify how the skills can be applied at work.

Our aim is to increase awareness of what can be achieved with software; once aware of what can be done, the ‘doing’ is relatively straight forward.

Chris Steele

Chris has developed a reputation as a trainer who delivers training in an engaging and enjoyable style.

He was the lead IT Trainer at the London School of Economics for almost 7 years and has delivered training across all areas and levels of business in the UK and abroad, always gaining great feedback.

Chris has also delivered extensive training in the public sector, from staff at the highest levels of UK government to various local authorities.

He approaches software training from the users’ perspective and focuses on increasing awareness of what can be achieved with relative ease.

As businesses move towards a digital workplace, digital skills are becoming ever more essential. Chris increases the confidence of staff with software they use on a daily basis, giving them the confidence to adopt other software and technology.

What our clients say

  • Chris encourages an open, informal session which appeals to my style of learning.

    He somehow structures training which suits a range of people’s experience, and manages to stop this impacting on others with different levels of experience.

    Steven Rudland
    Virgin Trains
  • I really like the way in which the course is taught, specifically that Chris does not show us anything on a screen himself. This forces you to learn while doing, which for me is the most useful way to learn new Excel skills.

    He also makes it interesting through his character, which I can appreciate is a difficult thing to do.

    Pauline Op de Beeck
    The Carbon Trust
  • Chris Steele is excellent! He has a great way of teaching with a great sense of humour.

    Will look forward to attending one of his courses again in the near future.

    James Socratous
    Galliard Homes

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